Quality registers

Quality registers provide us with a structured way of following up different illnesses and improving the treatment provided.

By being included in the national quality register, you can contribute to the improvement of the healthcare system. The more people that participate, the greater the statistical certainty of the results. The results will then be used in our improvement work.

Each quality register is protected by a very strict level of confidentiality, and the information is encrypted so that nobody will be able to connect the data with the identity of any individual. When the information no longer needs to be included in the register, it is deleted.

Your rights

As a patient, you have the right to know how the information about you in the quality register is used. For example, information is sometimes shared for research purposes.

Your local healthcare centre can help you to obtain a list of the information about you that is stored in the register. You are also entitled to know whether details about you have been obtained from any source other than from your medical records or from information you have provided yourself.

Inclusion in the register is entirely voluntary, and your decision will have no impact on the care you receive. If you would prefer not to be included, you should inform your local healthcare provider. You are entitled to change your decision at any time.

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to know which quality register your healthcare provider provides information to, you can ask your healthcare provider.