Adult psychiatry within SLSO consists of five general psychiatric clinics, eating disorder care, dependence care and forensic psychiatry.

They all offer specialist care for mental illness and disabilities that are too severe to be treated within primary care.

General psychiatry investigates and treats adults with problems such as depression, various anxiety conditions and psychosis.

Psychiatry also investigates ADHD and autism spectrum conditions and offers treatment in association with Disability & Habilitation and Social Services.

Within the City of Stockholm and in the northwest and southwest parts of the county, we have general psychiatric clinics that treat affective conditions and psychotic illnesses. There is no need for a referral before contacting a general psychiatric clinic.

To improve access to psychiatric treatment, psychiatry within SLSO also offers internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy.

SLSO is also responsible for psychiatric inpatient care for the population of much of the county and for the countywide psychiatric emergency clinic.