Healthcare at the right time

It is our objective that you shall receive care at the right time, but, if for any reason you have to wait for too long, the following applies.

The 30 minute rule

If you have booked an appointment and are kept waiting for more than 30 minutes, you are entitled to a refund of the fee you paid at the reception when you arrived. You must, however, request your refund before you leave the healthcare centre. You will also retain the eligibility stamp in your high-cost protection card.

The 30 minute rule does not apply to visits to emergency or out-of-hours centres/clinics, nor if you are attending a centre that does not charge a fee.

The care guarantee

If you are referred to us by another care provider, you should not need to wait for more than 30 days before you are invited to attend your first visit.

When a decision has been made with regard to treatment, you should not need to wait for more than 90 days before the treatment is scheduled to begin. Exceptions may apply if there is a medical reason for the delay, such as if you first need to recover from a serious illness before treatment can begin.


What is the care guarantee?

The care guarantee is a statutory element of the Health and Medical Services Act. This guarantee specifies the time limits within which you will be offered care from the County Council or the Region.

If you are kept waiting for too long, you can exercise your right to the healthcare guarantee. You do this by contacting Vårdgarantikansliet by calling 08-123 134 00.