Youth Centre

All young people aged 12 to 23 are welcome to attend the youth centre.

We offer advice on contraception so you can find the contraceptive that suits you best and you get your questions answered. We can also help you with practical things such as renewing prescriptions, inserting or removing your IUD, getting contraceptive injections, or receiving emergency contraception. You can also collect condoms at our place. We also offer pregnancy tests and morning-after pills.

We offer testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Some sexually transmitted diseases cause little or no problems at all. It is therefore good to get tested if you think that you may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

You are also welcome if you have any thoughts about your body or sexuality. Almost everyone wonders about something.

Sometimes you need to talk to someone. For example, it can be stress, depression, sex, relationships, or something completely different. Then you are welcome to come to us and talk to our welfare officer.

Everyone working for us has a duty of confidentiality and a duty of reporting if we consider that you are in danger.

All visits to the youth clinic are free of charge.

You can either drop in or book an appointment to see us. To book an appointment, you are welcome to call your desired clinic or book via 1177 Vårdguiden's e-services.

If you need an interpreter during your visit, we will arrange it free of charge. Please let us know when you book your visit.